Women’s Ministry Meeting and Saturday Symposium

Eleven members met at Lorraine’s home for lunch and a good chat. It was wonderful to be able to meet in person. There seemed so much to talk about. Everyone brought their own lunch but Lorraine made a delicious Mocha Cream Roll for dessert for all of us.

The chat was halted at 2pm when four ladies left and the GFS Australia Saturday Symposium started. Seven of us then crowded around Lorraine’s computer to join, via Zoom, with members from all over Australia and also Jeannne Withanage from Sri Lanka.

During the Symposium we first shared items from either our mothers, grandmothers or women who have influenced our lives. Items included cups, bags, bibles, photos, jewellery, painting or craft. Jeanne explained that in Sri Lanka they generally don’t celebrate Mother’s Day but as they tend to live with their mothers or mother-in-laws all their lives, they are able to appreciate their mothers every day. This gave us insight into a different culture to our own.

Suzanne Claire encouraged members to support the Remote Op Shop Project.

Val Gribble and Cheryl Savage then introduced the new PNG project “Buy Soap Give Hope”. They explained that Covid is continuing to spread in PNG and the reported numbers are not indicative of the degree of infection. This project is to encourage hand washing to help with improving hygiene.

Next we broke up into 3 breakout groups to do a short bible study based around one of 3 women in the Bible: the widow at Zarephath, Salome (mother of James and John) and Tabitha (also known as Dorcas).

Once we came back together, Cheryl Savage asked members to pray for a young Myanmar teacher of the deaf who is coming to Brisbane for training for a year.

The meeting closed with the Grace.

Many thanks to Suzanne Claire and her team for organising such a varied and interesting afternoon.
Thanks also to Lorraine for hosting our Women’s ministry event at her home.