2021 AGM

It was decided that this year we would hold the AGM via Zoom. Members joined the meeting from 10am and were put into a breakout room so they could talk amongst one another while Lynne our host welcomed members and helped with technical issues. Once we were all present the breakout room was closed.

Deidree chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone formally. Leonie opened the meeting with prayer. We had a roll call where everyone said their name and waved. The minutes of the previous meeting was accepted.

Various members spoke about their aspect of the Annual report before it was accepted. The Budget was presented by Elizabeth and accepted. The Board had proposed some changes to the Constitution which were discussed before the changes were accepted.

The election of Office Bearers and ordinary Board members took place resulting in a no one nominating as Chairman but 8 members on the Board.

The Strategic Plan was reviewed. It was noted that GFS Sydney has had no applications or requests for information from the NRS. We have received a bequest from Lyn Vaak’s estate and the membership were asked to think of a suitable suggestions as to how to use this money. As there is no GFS World project or GFS Australia project, we decided to direct any fund raising efforts toward the PNG Feeding project and to continue the GFS Sydney project of Street Libraries.

Finally many thanks were given to Dianne Davies for her encouragement and support during her time as our Patron and assuring her of our prayers for Dianne and Glenn following his retirement at the end of the month. Thanks were also expressed to Tania and Alison who have completed nine years on the Board of Management and special appreciation to Leonie who has been Vice-Chairman for the past three years, for most of which we had no Chairman.Thank you too to Lynne for hosting our Zoom Meeting today. The meeting closed with the GFS Prayer followed by The Grace.