Outing to Warragamba Dam

27th April, 2019
On a lovely sunny but cool Autumn morning our group gathered at Warragamba Park for Morning Tea before our visit to Warragamba Dam. We had 13 in our group. The Warragamba Dam Visitor’s Centre stands majestic overlooking the Dam. This magnificent structure holds a history of the coming together of men and women from many countries around the world and is testament to the skills and training of so many people. The Visitor’s Centre displays allow the
visitor to relive the building of the Dam and shares a glimpse into the lives of the workers and their families. The township of Warragamba was the centrepoint of a vibrant community where workers could enjoy getting together for recreation activities, to learn the language and to support each other. Sadly we could not drive down onto the Dam wall but the large glass viewing window gave us a birds eye view of this amazing achievement.
Following our visit to the Dam we gathered together for lunch at the Warragamba Workers Club which was the ‘local’ for many workers after their hard day at work.
Another successful GFS Women’s Ministry activity, enjoyed by all who attended.