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On this page, you can find a list of programmes and other resources that are suitable for use at Playgroups. Our programmes are full of ideas for activities, games, craft, snacks, etc that can be used during playgroup. Please contact us for further information about obtaining any of these resources.

Image/Name Price Code Term Length Bible
Topics Covered Comments
Playgroup Ministry
Free* Any Mark 10:14 Types of Playgroup, Outreach ideas, Supervisor Guidelines, Recipes, Equipment, Constitution Lots of important information and fun ideas for helping you start a Christian Playgroup
Let’s Create
Free* Any Glue, Paint, Draw, Nature, Touch and more ideas. This program provides lots of suggestions for creative play, art and craft ideas and how to encourage creativity in children.
1, 2, 3,
Count with me
B Any 10 weeks 1 One Little Boy and his Lunch
2 The animals went in two by two
3 Three Days and nights in a big fish
4 Jesus calls four fishermen
5 A boy named David and five little stones
6 Six stone jars at a Wedding
7 Naaman takes the plunge seven times
8 Jesse had eight sons
9 Nine lepers forgot to say thank you
10 God’s ten big rules
The numbers 1 to 10 are featured in this 10 week program. Each week, focus on a number in a Bible story, from one little boy and his lunch, to God’s ten big rules.
Bethlehem Christmas
A 4 4 weeks Come to Bethlehem
Angels and Shepherds
Christmas Visitors
Jesus is the Reason for the Season
A 4 week program showcasing what the first Christmas was really like. Turn your room into a stable, dress up as angels and shepherd and meet the wise men as we discover that Jesus is the reason for the season.
What’s in the Box?
B Any 10 weeks Bear in the Blue House
What’s Inside?
Bob the Builder
Froggy friends
Shape and make
Good on you Dad!
Round and round
Picnics with a difference!
A 10 week programme to fill your term with fun, learning, questions and answers. Discover what’s in the box each week – this will set the scene for your learning and activities. Includes Bear in the Big Blue House, Madeline, something round, something smelly, some footprints and Bob the Builder too.
What a Wonderful
B Any 10 weeks Look at the Sky
Look at the Earth
Look at the Green World
Look at the Sea
Look at the Birds
Look at the Animals
Look at the People
Look at this Wonderful World
Experience God’s Wonderful World
Share the Story
A 10 week program celebrating God’s amazing creation; the earth, the sky and us!
What’s in the Box?
– What Jesus Did
B 1 9 weeks Matthew 1:21
Mark 6:3
Luke 18:41
Matthew 9:36
Luke 15:7
Luke 11:10
Luke 18:16
Luke 10:41
Acts 2:36
Jesus was a Baby
Jesus was a carpenter
Jesus walked and talked with people
Jesus healed sick people
Jesus told wonderful stories
Jesus taught us how to pray
Jesus taught us how to love
Jesus had dinner with friends
Jesus died and came alive again
Here are 9 themes based around introducing children to who Jesus is.
Location, Location
B Any 10 weeks   – In the Garden
At the Shops
At the Park
At The Zoo
At the Beach
At the Doctor / Dentist
At the Circus
At the Aquarium
At the Museum
At my Bedtime
A 10 week program exploring lots of different locations, from the garden, to the shops, to the zoo, the doctor, the beach, even the circus! Children are encouraged to bring their teddy along each week for a new adventure.
Colourful Stories
from the Bible
B  Any 9 weeks Mark 10:13-16
Matt 14:25
Ephesians 4:26
Jeremiah 17:7
Luke 5: 8-10
Acts 16: 13-15
Exodus 3
1Kings 17:5-6
Genesis 37
Red – Jesus loves Me
Blue – Jesus walks on Water
Yellow – Say you’re sorry before sunset
Green – Grow like a strong tree
Silver – The Lost Coin
Purple – The story of Lydia
Orange – The Burning Bush
Black – Elijah and the Ravines
Multi-colours – Joseph’s Coat
Here are 9 programs based on teaching from the Bible with a colour theme. There’s red (Jesus loves me), blue (Jesus walks on water), purple (the story of Lydia), orange (the burning bush) and multi colours (Joseph’s coat) among others.
Come Celebrate
Music at Playgroup
B  Any 9 weeks  – Music for Flying
Music for Jumping
Music for Marching
Music for Floating
Music for Animals
Music for Dancing
Music for Country & Western
Music for Orchestras
Music for Praising God
Here are 9 program ideas based on a music theme. You could use them entirely for a “musical term”, in a block of 3 or one per month. There’s music for flying, music for jumping, music for animals and music for praising God.
Fun and Fabulous
B Any 10 weeks The Adventures of Blinky Bill
Fun with the “Wiggles”
It’s Teletubby Time!
Winnie the Pooh
Be a Good Sport
Born to Shop
The Amazing Alphabet
The Clean Team
Alice in Wonderland
All things bright and beautiful
A 10 week program for 10 fun days at Playgroup! There’s a ‘Wiggles’ day, an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ day, a ‘Born to Shop’ day, a ‘Be a Good Sport’ day and more!
It’s in the Bag
B Any 10 weeks The Holiday Bag
The Library Bag
The Food Bags
The Sports Bag
The Garbage Bag
The Sample Bag
Grandma’s Bag
The School Bag
The Musician’s Bag
Lots and Lots of Bags!
A 10 week program that’s full of surprises! How many different bags are inside your house? Each week children will discover what’s hiding inside a different bag such as a library bag, grandma’s bag and even a garbage bag.
Let’s Celebrate
Special Days at
B Special Days 9 weeks Let’s celebrate Easter 1 – Palm Sunday
Let’s celebrate Easter 2 – When Sad became Glad
Let’s celebrate Easter 3 – Coming Alive!
Let’s celebrate Christmas 1 – Angels and Shepherds
Let’s celebrate Christmas 2 – Wise Men and Gift
Let’s celebrate Christmas 3 – Come to the Manger
Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day
Let’s celebrate Father’s Day
Let’s celebrate Grandparent’s Day
This program will provide you with lots of fresh ideas for celebrating special times of the year. It includes a 3 week Easter program, a 3 week Christmas program and programs for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day.
My Friend Jesus
B Any 9 weeks My Friend Jesus
Jesus and the Children
Jesus and the Storm
Jesus and the Blind Man
Jesus and Zaccheus
Jesus feeds the Crowd
Jesus and the Fishermen
Jesus at the Wedding
Jesus heals Ten Sick Men
Breakfast with Jesus
“Toddler Time” Stroller Service
A 9 week program based on the stories from the Gospels about the life and work of Jesus. You may like to use this program once a month for bible input or do three stories over three weeks, then have a break. Be creative!
Splish Splash
B 4 10 weeks John2:1-11Luke 8    

John 4
John 13
John 21

Wonderful Water
Water for Life
Water into Wine
Goin’ Fishing
Stormy Seas
Messing about in Boats
The Woman at the Well
Washing Feet
Too Many Fish?
Oceans of Fun
A 10 week program with a Water theme, including 6 weeks featuring a Bible Story based around water.
Once upon
Once Upon a Christmas Playgroup
A 4 4 weeks Trim-a-Tree
My Christmas House
The Best Gift of All
Christmas is a Birthday Party
A 4 week program with lots of ideas for celebrating Christmas at Playgroup.
Take a Good Story
B Any 10 weeks Luke 15:4-7Matthew 7:24-27    

Mark 4:1-9 or Matt 13:1-9

“Patricia” by Stephen Michael King
“The Lost Sheep” from Luke 15:4-7
“Queeny the Bantam” by Bob Graham
“Maisy the Mouse” by Lucy Cousins
“Mrs Millie’s Painting” by Matt Ottley
“Ginger” by Charlotte Voake
“Leo the Lion” by Marcus Pfister
“The Wise Man” from Matthew 7:24-27
“Sloth’s Shoes” by Jeane Willis
“The Sower” from Mark 4:1-9 or Matt 13:1-9
Here are 10 themes for Playgroup, each based on a good story. Some are the parables Jesus told, others are stories from special picture books you’ll be able to find in your local library.
bible box
What’s in The Box
– Bible Stories
for Playgroups
B Any 10 weeks The Pearl of Great Price
What’s in the Net?
The Tiniest Seed
The Lost Son
Moses and Miriam
Naaman’s Little Servant Girl
Jonah and the Whale
Noah and the Rainbow
Come to the Banquet
Boxes! Boxes! Boxes!
A 10 week program each with a Bible story theme. Every week, look inside the Box and discover a clue to the week’s story. Includes Noah, Jonah and more.
Christmas box
What’s in The
Christmas Box
B 4 7 weeks Forever & Ever
Shepherds & Lambs
Stars in the Sky
Bethlehem Baby
Getting Ready
What shall I Give?
Christmas is a Birthday Party
This 7 week program has 7 Bible themes for the lead up to Christmas. Each week, discover a surprise inside the Box. From a shiny Christmas wreath, a special star, a baby doll and even a birthday cake!
colourful PG
Once Upon a
Colourful Playgroup
B 3 10 weeks We can sing a Rainbow – Black and White
We can sing a Rainbow – Blue and Yellow
We can sing a Rainbow – Red and Yellow
We can sing a Rainbow – Rainbows
Smile God Loves You – Happy / Sad
Owl Babies
In the Rainforest
The Rainbow Fish
Water Water Everywhere
Here are ten creative programs discovering various aspects of life. It includes 4 weeks exploring colour, fairytales, and a week reminding us that “God loves Us”.
Autumn PG
Once Upon an
Autumn Playgroup
B 2 9 weeks Amazing Autumn
Delightful Dinosaurs
Nursery Rhymes
Up in the Air
Possum Magic
Grandparents Day
All about Me
Where did you get that Hat?
Wonderful Winter
This group of nine programs begins with introducing Autumn and ends with the start of Winter. In between are lots of fun days including a Grandparents Day and a Hat Parade.
Summer PG
Once Upon a
Summer Playgroup
B 1 9 weeks Summer Fun
At the Beach
Time for Kids Sports
Boxes Boxes
Life cycle of a Frog
Life cycle of a Butterfly
Royal Easter Show Time
Chicks and Ducks
Happy Easter Jesus is Alive!
Nine programs for 9 fun days at Playgroup! Children will explore the “Life cycle of a Frog”, learn about the “Royal Easter Show’, be introduced to Jesus at Easter and more!


Image/Name Price Code Term Type Music included Comments
Mr music
Mr Music
A Any Playgroup CD 1 What’s In the Box
2 I Have a Friend
3 Jesus Loves Me
4 Twinkle, Twinkle
5 Baa Baa Black Sheep
6 Hickory Dickory Dock
7 Polly Puts the Kettle On
8 Mary Had a Little Lamb
9 The Hokey Pokey
10 The Farmer in the Dell
11 The Grand old Duke of York
12 Movement
13 Twinkle Twinkle Christmas
14 Away in the Manger
14 songs for use with playgroup includes Booklet of Song lyrics
proms music
Come Celebrate
Music at Playgroup
A Any Playgroup CD Music for flying
Music for jumping
Music for marching
Music for floating
Music for animals
Music for dancing
Music for orchestra
Music for praising God
Music to accompany the program
“Come Celebrate Music at the Playgroup Proms!”
which encourages children to discover various types of music.