The Christian Playgroup P’s

1. Practice the Presence
Be always aware that this Ministry is committed to God. Seek to ‘practice’ the presence of God during your playgroup session. When a problem arises….how would Jesus have me handle this? Go into your morning just being God’s person.

2. Prayer
Pray as a committee for each morning. Ask some members of your church to pray for you during that morning time. Include Playgroup as a topic in the Church prayer points. Pray for your Mums, especially those in special need. Pray for the children.

3. Positive thinking
This is an essential skill for a Playgroup Leader to develop! Try to handle any difficulties that arise in a positive way. Speak to any negative Mums lovingly to help them see a positive attitude to their problems. Help mothers to speak positively to their children. Try getting through a morning without saying “no” to the children, rather offering them alternative things to do.

4. Pastoral care
Have a listening ear and an understanding heart. Should you become aware of any special needs, let the church staff know eg parent in hospital, people seeking marriage guidance counselling, baptism enquiries etc. Try to be at the baptism of your Playgroup children with a small gift. Invite Mums to Women’s Outreach activities in your church.