Paper Lanterns

1. Start out with an A4, sheet of paper / cardstock.      
2. Cut a 3cm wide strip off on one short side. Set this aside for the handle.  
3. Fold the paper in half, lengthwise.  
4. Draw a horizontal line one inch from the long edge opposite the fold. This line is just a guide for cutting.
5. Starting from the folded edge, cut a straight line about 3cm from one short edge, all the way up to the horizontal line.
6. Continue to cut more straight lines about 3cm apart until you reach the opposite short edge of the paper.
7. Unfold the paper.
8. You can keep your lantern plain or decorate it with sparkles, decals or part of the bible verse.
9. Transform the paper into a lantern by forming it into a tube shape. Overlap the long edges at least 3cm. Staple or tape at the top and bottom of the overlap.
10. Glue the ends of the handle to the inside of the lantern’s top edge.