Children love music. Even young babies respond to music and music is a good tool to use to emphasize listening skills with children from an early age. Music is fun. It enables children not only to sing but also to move and dance or even create music with various instruments. Try to include music in as many activities as you can at playgroup or you can have a special time for music in your program.

If there is a parent that can play a musical instrument, invite them to share their talent at playgroup. If no one feels confident enough to play, use suitable CDs so that children can enjoy music.

Get the children to make music by providing simple instruments such as tambourines, shakers, drums, whistles, triangles, bells, etc. There are many percussion instruments that can be utilised to make music. Don’t be afraid to make your own instruments too.

Dancing is another activity that can be done with music. Movement/dance helps with their gross motor skills and co-ordination. Try dancing with scarves or use hand actions to songs.

If you are not sure of what songs to sing, start with the classic ones like “Twinkle twinkle”. There are so many suitable children’s CDs available; you will soon have a favourite collection.

Don’t worry about how well you sing, children will always enjoy the opportunity to sing, dance and join in. The most important thing is to enjoy the music.