Macaroni Jewellery

Even very small children love threading objects.
Parents may need to help them with the knots.
Pasta comes in many different sizes, shapes and lengths and is ideal for necklaces and bracelets.

  • Paint or dye the pasta first in different colours.
  • It can help if the end of the strong cotton thread is rolled in some sticky tape to help children tread it through the macaroni.
  • Tie one piece of pasta loosely to the end of the cotton then let the children thread the macaroni onto the cotton thread, thin ribbon or elastic making sure it is long enough to easily slip over your child’s head or wrist.

Let children experiment with different shapes and textures. You may also include some large beads or buttons with the pasta. They can be threaded between the pasta pieces. If desired jewellery can be preserved by painting the finished piece of jewellery with clear spray paint (done by parent).