Outing to Darling Harbour

On a lovely sunny Saturday morning on 27th July a group of dedicated women met at Pyrmont Light Rail Station in Darling Harbour for a day of exploring the area which many of us had not seen for some years.
After some discussion it was decided that morning tea was the priority and a nearby café provided the refreshment we needed. Next a wander around the harbour side taking in the massive changes to the area and the skyline of the city. Darling Harbour offers a collection of boats both small and large including those attached to the National Maritime Museum which would have been interesting to explore but would have taken the remainder of the day to do it
justice. Maybe another day.
The variety of restaurants that line the foreshore of Darling Harbour offers the visitors great choices for lunch and dinner; however the food court inside also provides a range of food choices that meets the needs of those seeking smaller and lighter options. We each found delightful lunch meals and were not disappointed.
Sadly, some of our group had other commitments to attend which left a smaller group to explore further. Our harbour never disappoints and we had a lovely time chatting and catching up with one another. Come and join us next time.