“How to Stand” Camp 2018

From Tuesday 2nd to Thursday the 4th October last school holidays, we held the Sydney Girls Camp with 25 girls and 12 adults attending and others coming to help each day.

The theme for the camp ‘How to Stand’ explored – How do we stand firm as Christians in this world? What equipment
does God provide for us, and how does it help us to keep going as a Christian to the end? We learnt from Ephesians 6
about the Armour of God. In the studies, we heard the old testament stories:

  • Balaam and the Donkey from Numbers 22. The big idea was ‘How to Understand the Opposition’;
  • Daniel’s friends and the fiery furnace from Daniel 3. The big idea was ‘How to Stand with Godly Character’;
  • King Jehoshaphat’s army from 2 Chronicles 20:1-29. The big idea was ‘How to Stand equipped by God’
  • Daniel and the Lion’s Den from Daniel 6. The big idea was ‘How to Stand – Watch Out and Pray’.

Other activities included abseiling, craft, bush cooking, outside games, wet weather activities which replaced our hike
due to rain, a bush dance, a campfire night held inside due to the rain and a service. We all enjoyed a wonderful time of
fellowship and learning. Our tummies were filled each day with delicious foods by our cooks.

A special thanks goes to Alan and Andrew who came to teach the girls abseiling.

Thank you to our amazing team of leaders! Each part of the body of Christ working in unity to fulfill the role God called us to play over the three days. Camp was a happy, caring, loving and safe place for the girls that God gave us to nurture,
encourage and build up in their faith. May God continue to work in their lives.