Saturday 20th May 2017  A day to spend with friends.

The weather coming up to 20 May, was all rainy and blue, and we were a little concerned about using the garden as a backdrop. But the Lord was with us and we had a beautiful sunny day where everyone was trying to find a little shade, God was looking after us.

When we arrived we started to set the scene, we placed tables and chairs around, complete with yellow cloths and vases of Autumn Branches. Also plates, serviettes and cutlery in yellow, orange and reds. When all had arrived we were welcomed, we opened in prayer and had an overview of the day ahead.

We commenced with an old favourite game, to get us moving around. Pined on our back we had the name of a famous Australian, whom we had to guess by asking questions to receive a yes or no answer. Once we had all completed, we were given us a card explaining who we were, so we could read it to all, and yes – we all learnt something new.

Lunch was then put out, an assortment so we could choose and then sit wherever we liked. Good food, Beef Casserole, Meat balls, chicken, potato bake, fried rice, savoury muffins, then tossed salad, pineapple slices, beetroot, boiled eggs, avocado and bread sticks, all served with water or punch.

Next we introduced our speaker one of our Life Members  who took us through our History from 1875 until today, we also had our five History Photo and word Books that were passed around for all to enjoy. Many members were pleased with this as they hadn’t been given such a good explanation before.

We then had Afternoon Tea with a beautiful assortment of sweets, with tea of coffee. Cupcakes, cup and saucer biscuit’s, slices, lemon tart, custard and ice cream.

We would like to thank all who helped to organize this event.